Once you select the state or states that your permit is issued in the interactive map will show you at a glance see what states will honor your concealed carry permit. You can then select individual states by pushing on them to read the state specific laws. Never have to guess again and the app is only .99 per year!

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The list view of reciprocity allows you to see state by state if your permit is honored or not. Push on each state individually and it takes you to the state specific laws section.

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Did you forget if you can carry in a restaurant that serves alcohol or are you traveling and you are unsure of the states law regarding officer notification? The state specific laws section allows you to get the answers you need right at your finger tips!

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Simple to use, easy to understand, and only $1.99!

The application is simple to use. When you first open the application you will see the disclaimer and a link to US LawShield. From there you select the state in which you have your Concealed Carry Permit/License. The Interactive Map will tell you at a glance states that have reciprocity or you can select the reciprocity text view. Click on any state to get that states specific gun laws. From there you can select they YES, NO, or SEE DETAILS for further clarification regarding that particular law. At the bottom of the State Specific Law section you can see the requirements for a permit/license in that state.

The knowledge and protection you need

Our Concealed Carry Laws application makes accessing state laws fast and simple. Take the guess work out of whether or not you are on the right side of the law.

While our app really helps you navigate through the maze of individual states gun laws you still need legal protection. If you are ever required to use your firearm to defend yourself, your family, or innocent people the cost of hiring an attorney to help you can literally bankrupt you. To help you we have partnered with US LawShield.

US LawShield will provide you with Legal Defense - For - Self Defense.